How to diagnose your headache and the right headache remedies

headache remedies for women and men

Headaches do not actually occur in the head directly, but in the facial and neck areas, or also in the shoulders. Because of the absence of pain sensors in the skull and brain, you will only feel the painful sensations in the more sensitive facial and neck areas. When you are having a headache, you are actually experiencing the effects of the irritation or tension of blood vessels around the head and face. Diagnosing a headache is hard, but harder still is finding the right headache remedies. 

Very few people can honestly claim that they never had a headache, which for many sufferers occurs quite frequently. Various kinds of headaches exist, and these can be triggered by certain conditions or situations. A headache may also be a signal of a potentially harmful and life threatening health condition.

A headache may be the result of head injuries, heavy coughs, sneezes, strains, or post sexual excitement (particularly for men). Headache is also ever present among person who is ill or suffering from bad health conditions. In fact, headaches are commonly caused, among other things, by glaucoma, meningitis, damaged or inflamed blood vessels that supply blood to the head and even brain tumors.

We know of various kinds of headache, particularly four kinds that are categorized as – tension, inflammatory, vascular, and traction. Every kind of headache carries its own pain and persons will react differently to the same stimuli.

How to tell the differences

You can tell whether you are having one kind of headache or another by the signs that they send. Take Migraine for example. It is a vascular headache that is commonly felt by females, and features excruciating pain that seems to come from everywhere on the head at the same time. With Migraine headaches, the physical symptoms include feeling faint and vomiting. Sight may also be interrupted in the case of a small number of migraine sufferers.

Vascular headaches may also be the result of fevers, and are also commonly felt by some affected persons. Another frequently occurring headache features clustered, yet intense pain that comes quite frequently. This headache may also create severe hardships for sufferers.

You know you are having a tension headache when the sensation of pain comes right at the time your facial and neck areas become tight with tension. You also experience the related pains in your forehead. A headache that is either inflammatory or traction is actually a sign of something else! This type of headache may be a sign of an infected sinus or more seriously, a stroke! 

dangerous headacheWhen is a headache dangerous?

Suffering a headache, no matter its cause, is not a pleasant experience and no one deliberately wishes to prolong the associated pains. There are, therefore, critical occasions when the headache must be taken seriously and treatment sought immediately!

A headache that is actually a sign of something that is more grievous and life threatening has recognizable characteristics. For example, an intensive headache accompanied by stiffness in the neck that happens suddenly, requires an urgent trip to the nearest emergency room!

You also know you must find the nearest emergency room when your headache is related to fevers, or you are rendered unconscious or you become convulsive. Members of your family should be alert to rush to your assistance at the first signs of any of these physical manifestations of your headache.

No one should take for granted a headache that is associated with pains in the eyes or ears or intense headache in any one who does not normally suffer headaches, or stubborn headache in children. Quick response is required to address these kinds of headache as these are also clear signals that something else is seriously amiss in the body.

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